American Tiger Karate Academy

Okinawan Kobudo    

Kobudo is the art of traditional weapons of Okinawa.  

The most familiar characters who practice using these weapons are the "Ninja Turtles"

These weapons include but are not limited to the Sai Sword - Bo Staff - Tonfa - Nun Chuk

History tells us that the farmers and members of the lower class in Okinawa used their farm tools as weapons during times of warfare when they lacked or were banned from the use of  more sophisticated weapons. The practice of using these farms tools became an art passed down from father to son, predominately.  Although, not as common,  the art of kobudo was also taught to the female members of the family. Today we continue the art by practicing the use of these "tools" of war not only as a means of preserving the ancient art of self defense but also to train the student in the art of awareness, adaptability and creative thought. 

Program Enrollment Options:

A. Childrens Kobudo Program : Participants of this class must have significant experience in any traditional martial art and be age 10 or older, in order to understand balance, focus, body control and sense of responsibility.  Class meets once per week on Saturday.


B. Teen and Adult Kobudo Program: High school age through adult with reasonable coordination and good sense of social responsibility.  Class meets once per week on Saturday.

Monthly tuition is $75 with enrollment agreement