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American Tiger Karate Academy is an official branch of SKIF-USA, 

a division of SKIF International, headquarters honbu dojo in Japan, teaching authentic Shotokan Karate in it's entirety. The SKIF curriculum is universal, in that it is one of the very few martial arts left in the world whose skill requirements for each level are virtually the same from school to school, state to state, country to country, as it has been passed down for generations. 

 This insures the authenticity of the art of karate, quality, proper training, accountability of the instructors as well as the value of the practitioner's skill. 

Learning Shotokan Karate, or any other authentic Martial Art is a journey that takes time, patience and effort of mind, body and spirit. It is an individual journey and is not intended to compete with others for levels of achievement, as each person learns and develops talents at his/her own unique pace. 

Evaluations for rank promotion are held 3 - 4 times throughout the year. 

Evaluation dates are posted on the information boards in the dojo 

as well as on the calendar section of this website. 

Kyu grade
rank exams evaluate and recognize the progress of students white belt through brown belts.  

Dan grade
rank exams are held yearly and evaluate and recognize the progress of students testing for their black belts.  

In the Japanese ranking system there are 10 kyu (color belt) levels and 10 dan (black belt) levels

Stripes on a belt represent honorable effort and acheivement


Fees for Kyu rank evaluations range from $45 to $65 and are paid on the day of the evaluation.

Shotokan Karate 

Kyu Rank Evaluation Results From

September 11, 2019

 Damian Chi  Blue Belt + 2 stripes - 7th Kyu

NIck Coker  High Purple Belt - 4th Kyu

Alex danan  Blue Belt + 1 stripe - 7 Kyu

Jerry Diakatos  Yellow Belt - 8th Kyu

Stella Diakatos  Yellow Belt - 8th Kyu

Cassidy Dixon  Yellow Belt +1 stripe - 8th Kyu

Camden Dixon  High Purple Belt + 1 stripe - 4th Kyu

Zerrah Chestnutt  Orange Belt - 9th Kyu

Logan Hedstrom  Orange Belt + 2 stripes  - 9th Kyu

Joann Hoo  Blue Belt - 7th Kyu

Lana Horan  Blue Belt - 7th Kyu

Magnolia Goodin  Brown Belt - 3rd Kyu

Aedan Mayschak  Purple Belt +2 stripes - 5th Kyu

Sebastian Reyna  Blue Belt - 7th Kyu

Saul Rivera  Orange Belt +1 stripe - 9th Kyu

David Skupien  High Purple Belt - 4th Kyu

Amelia Urici  Yellow Belt - 8th Kyu

Justin Waters  Blue Belt + 1 stripe - 7th Kyu 

Blake Wilson  Yellow Belt - 8th Kyu


If you can not make it on the day of the evaluation you may schedule a private evaluation or private group evaluation session.  Additional fees may apply.  

 The next SKIF Dan (Black Belt) Level Exam 

with Cheif Examiner Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa 8th Dan

June 2020, at ATKA in  Elk Grove Village, IL

hosted by:

American Tiger Karate Academy

Preparation sessions for Black Belt Dan evaluation will be held here at ATKA 

780 S. Arlington Heights Road, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

All Black Belts wishing to Confirm Rank with Kancho Kanazawa 

for SKIF International Certification must possess:

Current SKIF Membership Card (applications available through ATKA office for $10)

An official SKIF completed and stamped and initialed  "passport rank logbook" (obtain through ATKA office for $15) 

An SKIF Dan examination registration form completed in triplicate with passport photos 

(available through ATKA office)