American Tiger Karate Academy


Ability and Agility

Jump Higher, Drive Faster Lunge Further Dodge Quicker Kick Explosively Punch Powerfully Roll Smother
6:30p - 7:30p

All of our children's karate programs also teach bully aversion skills. Includes discussion, role playing, self respect, confidence, character building. Students master verbal de-escalation techniques as well as solid self defense skills.
Little Tigers Karate Age 4 & 5

Learn the fundamental skills needed to enter our Shotokan Karate program in this fun social and safety skills course. Develop balance, coordination strength and muscle memory. REGISTER NOW FREE TRIAL !
5:15pm - 6:00pm
Shotokan Karate - Children

Learn to deal with peer pressure and bullies with confidence and character. Improve focus, fitness & self defense while learning blocks, strikes, punches & kicks in a safe and structured environment. Come join the fun. REG NOW FREE TRIAL !
6:00p 6:00p & 6:45p9:45a & 10:30a
Shotokan Karate - Adult

Shotokan karate is a traditional Japanese Martial Art used as an excellent means of self defense. It is practiced both as art and sport, to develop confidence, balance & health of mind and body.
7:45p & 8:30p8:30p9:45a & 10:30a
Kobudo ( weapons ) - Children

ATKA kobudo course explores and teaches the use of the traditional okinawian weapons such as bo staff, nunchaku, tonfa, and sai sword. Open to any intermediate level martial arts students age 10 and above. TRY A FREE CLASS !
Kobudo ( weapons ) - Adult

Our kobudo course teaches the use of the traditional weapons of Okinawa; bo staff, tonfa, nunchaku, sai sword. Course open to any adult age 18 and above. No previous experience required.
Ninja Parties

Bring your clan of 8 -10 ninjas over to ATKA for a private party that is a unique, fun and challenging ninja experience. For ages 6 - 12 yrs. Call now to save your date !
3:00p - 4:30p