American Tiger Karate Academy

Japanese Traditional Karate connects your mind body and spirit. We teach all three aspects; art, sport and self defense. Sharpen your mind and muscle memory.

You will learn solid stances for balance and do exercises to strengthen your core, support your spine and take pressure off your lower back. You will learn and practice blocking and striking techniques that reinforce muscle memory and utilize left and right brain simultaneously for maximum neuroplasticity. Your kicks will be taught and trained at the level that is best for you at this point in your life. You DO NOT need to kick to the top of the head. In fact, all kicks prior to modern day were executed at or below the hip level. If you wish to get more explosive movement out of your kicks or legs in general we also have the Plyometric skills Ability and Agility class. You will learn HOW TO apply the skills you are practicing in a self defense situation. You may enter some of the many competitions we attend throughout the or NONE AT ALL, its entirely up to you. You will be taught by certified extensively trained and governed certified Black Belts with college degrees in Education, Health, Science and War History, and certifications in coaching and mental health, and more. Evaluations for rank advancement are held throughout the year and are optional. Other optional events include; special seminars, tournaments, camps and adventure outings. Classes are separated by age and rank in order to provide an optimal training experience for all students. Participants are required to wear protective gear during structured sparring drills. These items are available for purchase upon membership enrollment.

Class Hours:

7:55pm & 8:45pm7:55pm & 8:45pm7pm