American Tiger Karate Academy

Private lessons are often scheduled for various reasons. Listed below are just some reasons a student may wish to schedule private lessons or private classes either at our facility or yours:

Private Lessons may be scheduled during day or afternoon hours as per your availability. Some reasons students choose private lessons; 1. Wish to excel in a particular aspect of training, forms, sparring, competition. 2. Wish to learn at their own pace 3. Prefers not to train in a class with others for various reasons 4. Learning challenges; learns best one on one 5. Medical or physical limitations 6. Any reason or no reason at all is just fine with us. 7. Corporate benefit 8. Self Defense Classes 9. Safety and Self Defense Classes 10. Sport Enhancement - Plyometrics Ability and Agility for Teams

Instructors:Senpai Kenji HoribeSenpai Chris SzewczykSensei Pat Pusateri

Class Hours:

11am - 6pm11am - 4pm11am - 4pm11am - 4pm 11am - 4pm11:30