American Tiger Karate Academy

FOR ANYONE IN GOOD HEALTH MARTIAL ARTIST or NOT, ATHLETE or NON ATHLETE - AGE PRE TEEN THROUGH ADULT Jump Higher, Drive Faster Lunge Further Dodge Quicker Kick Explosively Punch Powerfully Core Strength Balance and Stability

This course runs a 12 week plyometric skills program followed by a 12 week core strength and balance stability program. The plyometric session combines skills used by elite Olympic training programs with dexterity skills in an effort to maximize your physical abilities. Your speed and explosive movement will be literally taken to a new level. For any sport practitioner not just martial artist. The strength and stability session consists of shoulders, back, abs, chest, hip, gluteal, hamstring, quadreicep, lower leg, ankle isometric exercises, and strength endurance training, including fine motor coordination and balance. Baseline assessments are taken and repeated at weeks 6 and 12 to measure your progress. THIS COURSE WILL IMPROVE YOUR PHYSICAL ABILITIES APPLICABLE TO ANY SPORT OR ACTIVITY IN WHICH YOU PARTICIPATE. ANYONE IN GOOD HEALTH MAY PARTICIAPATE IN THIS COURSE, AND REAP THE BENEFITS.

Instructor:Senpai Kenji Horibe

Class Hours: